Oriane Mirobelle de Rocfort

Widowed Ruler of Tourrin and Armagnac


High Concept: Steely Orlesian Noblewoman
Trouble: Luc Is Everything to Me
Other Aspects: Shame Me at Your Peril

Careful: Fair (+2)
Clever: Good (+3)
Flashy: Fair (+2)
Forceful: Mediocre (+0)
Quick: Average (+1)
Sneaky: Average (+1)

No Patience for Fools: Because she has No Patience for Fools, Oriane gains a +2 to Clever attacks when engaged in a battle of wits with a fellow aristocrat.


Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):


A tall, young, frail-looking woman with pale skin and dark hair, Oriane comes from a respected Orlesian family. She was married to the chevalier Lothaire Séverin Valère de Tourrin for seven years. Though she never bore him a child, she conceived a son while in the clutches of a reaver named Gervais Fèvre Lorrain d’Armagnac. After the two men killed each other during Ferelden’s early winter in 13:Dragon, Oriane returned to Orlais to claim both fiefdoms. Now that her son, Luc, has been born, Oriane has rejoined noble society. Most Orlesians regard her as a controversial figure, but acknowledge that she has a gift for the game.

Silent Winter version

Oriane Mirobelle de Rocfort

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