Teresa Corwin

Templar Knife in the Dark


High Concept: Templar Knife in the Dark
Trouble: Something to Prove
Other Aspects: Devoted to the Chant, I Hate Myself for Loving Casidhe

Careful: Good (+3)
Clever: Fair (+2)
Flashy: Mediocre (+0)
Forceful: Average (+1)
Quick: Average (+1)
Sneaky: Fair (+2)

The Truth Is What You Make It: Because the truth is what you make it, Teresa gets a +2 to cleverly overcome with a lie, as long as her victim doesn’t know her Templar affiliation.


Mild (2):
Moderate (4):
Severe (6):


Teresa Corwin is pretty, lean, and almost tall, with a wave of shining red hair. She wears chain mail and a light duelist’s sword. Teresa wasn’t cut out to follow in her Templar father’s footsteps. She became a deniable, covert asset for Templar-Commander Durwyn Slean, and foiled a plot to assassinate him. Teresa learned that Slean was involved in Ferelden’s early winter in 13:Dragon – and that he’d been replaced by some sort of mirror-born duplicate. She helped to foil Slean’s schemes, falling in love with the duelist Casidhe Fionnlagh along the way. Now, Teresa has been called to Val Royeaux, to explain these strange events to the Divine herself.

Silent Winter Version
Portrait by Ellanutella

Teresa Corwin

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