Viktor Crosz

Mild Mannered Apostate in Service to the Chantry

Viktor Crosz Refresh
A dark-haired, well-dressed, but otherwise unassuming young soldier. 3
Aspects Approaches
Orlesian Combat Medic Great (+4)
Devout Apostate Good (+3) Careful
My Family Keeps My Secrets Fair (+2) Clever Sneaky
Enchantment! Average (+1) Quick Forceful
Templars Are People, Not Tools Mediocre (+0) Flashy
Protective Magic
Stress Consequences
1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ] Mild (2) [Aspect]
Moderate (4) [Aspect]
Severe (6) [Aspect]


Protective Magic – +2 to Careful rolls to create an advantage with magic.


Backpack, traveler’s clothes, waterskin, quarterstaff, wand.

Height: 5’8" Weight: 165 lbs. Age: 23
Eyes: Brown Hair: Dark Brown Skin: Tanned


When he first began to exhibit signs of magical aptitude, his mother pleaded with his Templar father not to inform the Chantry of their son’s talents. Having just endured a particularly brutal raid in which many were slain, the compassionate Henric decided to honor his wife’s wishes. The boy was sent into the country to be tutored to control his magic by one of Merci’s cousins, herself an Apostate. The boy was a quick study with the healing arts, both mundane and magical, and he seemed to have an affinity for subtler spells and Entropy magic.

Aspect: My Family Keeps My Secrets

Viktor is fascinated by trinkets, particularly enchanted ones, and he has spoken with many of the Tranquil about their creations. He does not seem to be bothered by their lack of an emotional connection, though in truth he harbors a secret dread of the having the Rite of Tranquility ever performed on him.

Aspect: Enchantment!

Viktor is positive on the Chantry in general, although there are many areas that could stand to improve in his estimation. For example, he is concerned about the practice of the Chantry using lyrium to control the Templars, and he has begun quietly researching methods of breaking the addiction.

Aspect: Templars Are People, Not Tools


Viktor prefers to use simple medicine when it will suffice, only augmenting it with magic when lives hang in the balance, though he is careful to do so in the privacy of his healing tent. When not in the field, he serves the Chantry in more mundane ways, investigating rumors of relics for sale within the city. He works closely with the Curator of the Val Royeaux Chantry, bringing in items he acquires for her to verify their authenticity. His reports are tidy and she values the quiet efficiency of his work.

Mild-mannered and soft-spoken, Viktor enjoys the company of the men he works with and was at one time involved in a discreet romance with a fellow soldier – a relationship he would never flaunt. He appreciates the comforts that money and his unique position with the Chantry and Templars afford him, preferring stylishly practical tailored clothing and comfortable boots.

Viktor is neutral toward the Circle of Magi, seeing it as a tool of the Chantry to attempt to control something they don’t understand. He values his freedom from the organization. He shares his mother’s fear of The Harrowing, since she only narrowly survived her own, and that only because of Henric.




Henric, human Templar, father
Merci, human mage, mother
Jakob, human warrior, brother


Viktor Crosz

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